Teachers Accused Of Misconduct Back In Classroom

Juan Tirado, Jose Valencia Left Promise Charter School Amid Inappropriate Behavior Accusations

Parents are upset after learning two teachers who have been accused of inappropriate behavior with students are back in the classroom.

The teachers, Juan Tirado and Jose Valencia, both left Promise Charter School in Chollas View after the 10News I-Team exposed various allegations levied against them.

Tirado, who has been working at Laura Rodriguez Elementary School, was recently confronted by angry parent Jose Villaescuza.

"What's the grade you teaching now?" Villaescuza, who was filming the encounter, asked Tirado.

"Fifth grade," Tirado responded.

"Fifth grade … having fun with little girls?" asked Villaescuza.

Villaescuza told 10News, "I happened to be walking by when I saw him … immediately, as soon as I saw him, I grabbed my camera and I confronted him and I asked him why the district put him in this school."

Villaescuza remembered hearing about Tirado, who was accused of having inappropriate communication with students in his class, as well as Valencia.

In June, I-Team reporter Mitch Blacher confronted Valencia about allegations against him brought on by concerned teachers and parents.

"Are you behaving inappropriate with some students?" asked Blacher.

"Never," Valencia replied.

One witness told 10News that Valencia "was up on the courtyard with two little girls around him and both of them were playing with his hair."

Valencia is said to have changed his appearance and is now teaching at an undisclosed school.

Some parents were so concerned about Valencia they began a website and posted pictures of Valencia with his new look.

Villaescuza, whose son is a student where Tirado now teaches, said he can't believe both men are being allowed back in schools.

"Our problem is when you have teachers acting inappropriately with students at schools and the district does nothing, that's illegal," Villaescuza said.

Tirado and Valencia have never been charged with any wrongdoing.

10News attempted to speak to Tirado, but school officials referred all inquires to the school district office.

10News has not been able to track down Valencia.

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