Teacher Accused In Bucket Urination Case Faces Action

Patrick Henry HS Teacher Gonja Wolf Accused Of Forcing Student To Urinate In Bucket In Classroom

Action will be taken against a local high school teacher accused of ordering a student to urinate in a bucket, 10News learned.

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According to a claim filed against the San Diego Unified School District, in late February, a 14-year-old freshman said she had an urgent need to use the bathroom. Her teacher Gonja Wolf told the student she "would have to urinate in a bucket" -- in front of other students, the claim said.

The student said she was brought to a storage room in the back of the classroom, instructed to "urinate in a bucket, then empty the contents in an unused classroom sink," the claim stated. The girl did urinate in the bucket.

Some parents told 10News they were stunned and disappointed to hear the allegations involved Wolf, a popular visual arts teacher,

"I'm disgusted and appalled," said parent Michelle Gilmore. "I can't imagine any student feeling so badly as that is actually happening to them."

"It just doesn't seem like her. She seems to care about students more than anything," said student Jacob Riis, who is in one of Wolf's classes.

Riis, 17, told 10News he couldn't believe Wolf ordered use of the bucket, and added, "If she did do it, it's totally unprofessional …"

"In my wildest imagination I can't understand why something like this would happen," said attorney Brian Watkins, who represents the girl in the incident.

Watkins told 10News his client felt humiliated and embarrassed.

10News reporter Michael Chen went to Wolf's home in an effort to get her side of the story.

"I'm not allowed to speak about it," Wolf said before quickly shutting the door.

The San Diego Unified School District placed Wolf on leave, and district officials said the incident was being taken seriously.

10News learned the district's investigation has concluded and Wolf will face undisclosed disciplinary action.

District officials did not provide specifics, citing the incident as a personnel matter.

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