Surveillance tapes show mother and son plotting murder

June Pickard, son Richard Noble found guilty

EL CAJON, Calif. - Undercover video footage obtained by Team 10 reveals the chilling exchange between an El Cajon mother and son, and a man they believed was a hitman.

In January, inside a car parked just outside a Walmart store in El Cajon, June Pickard was shopping for a killer.

"I'm June. Sorry we had to meet like this," Pickard said in surveillance video.

Pickard thought the man she was talking to was a contract killer referred by an acquaintance.

"We want to get rid of her. I mean, we want her dead," said Pickard in the video.

The woman in her crosshairs was her daughter-in-law of three years, Rita Mansour.

"She's Chaldean-American, bless her [expletive] little heart," Pickard muttered.

It's clear there's no love lost, and clearly Pickard loves Mansour's condo and bank account, and she doesn't think Mansour is sharing enough.

"She's sitting on an $80,000 bank account," said Pickard.

Pickard isn't wealthy, and she offers the man -- an undercover El Cajon police officer -- $1,000 in several installments.

Pickard had also been thinking about the method of murder.  

"If we try to strangle her and choke her, we'd have our hand prints all over her … we were sort of thinking maybe something in the radiator to make the car blow up," said Pickard.

At one point, in the parking lot, the question of what should be retrieved from the body came up. The answer was a bank card.

"All we would need … that one B-of-A card back. The rest of them, take them run them out to the max," said Pickard.

In the video, Pickard was giddy with anticipation, and several days later, she and her son, Richard Noble, met with the supposed hitman to talk about how to get away with murder.

"If I was walking her to the car and we got jumped, I'm willing to take collateral injuries" said Noble.

Pickard earlier hinted she wouldn't mind if Mansour just vanished.

"We've already figured a story to keep her parents at bay for awhile," she said.

Eventually, Noble suggested his own ideas on how to kill his wife -- a botched robbery or another scenario possibly involving a note with a swastika.

"She is Middle Eastern and race crimes happen," Noble said.

After his arrest, Noble spoke to 10News about the plot in a jailhouse interview. He seemed to blame his mother, but when given a chance to back out in that final meeting, it was Noble was gave the go-ahead.

"It's a deal," he stated.

Noble offered up keys to a condo gate, details of his wife's schedule and left the method of murder up to the officer.         

The next day, Pickard and Noble were arrested, and Mansour was shown the tapes.

Police said the mother and son were interviewed after the arrest and showed absolutely no remorse.

10News talked to Mansour, who said she really thought her husband loved her and calls this ordeal "incredibly difficult."

Still, she said she feels lucky to be alive.

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