Stranger bursting into Point Loma homes

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Neighbors in Ocean Beach are warning others about a man they suspect of casing their homes.

David lives near Venice Street and Voltaire Street and says a man came to his door asking a question he thinks had a sinister purpose.

"He said 'Hey have you ever thought about selling your home?' and I was like 'No' because I just moved in and he's like 'Ever? Are you ever going to sell it?' and I'm like 'No,'" David said.

He says the man was acting suspiciously, trying to look around the house.

"I believe that if I wasn't home he would have tried the front door," David said. "This guy doesn't look like a real estate agent. And he was younger and he just kind of looked sketchy and he had stains on his pants and a pocket knife."

David says the man hung around for awhile until David called 911 to report the suspicious activity. David says the man put his car in reverse and drove down the street backwards to get away.

Just a few blocks away on Santa Barbara Street and Saratoga Avenue, the same thing happened to another couple; except this time the man entered unannounced through an unlocked door.

"Before I knew it the front door was getting opened up by this guy and he walked right in which was sort of disturbing," Bob said.

His wife Jacqueline said the man picked up a package that was on their front porch and brought it inside after he knocked and rang the doorbell. Even their dog barking didn't deter the man from coming inside.

"He had this package and he was like 'Oh here's your package," right? Like he was delivering this package to us or doing us a favor or something," Jacqueline said. "So I think he thought the house was empty."

The couple said he stood inside their home and asked them the same question.

"The first question he asked was 'Are you thinking about selling your house?' and so I told him 'No I plan on dying in this house,'" Bob said.

Bob says it was obvious the man was trying to get a good look inside their house.

“He looked at my watch, I have a Rolex watch, he looked at my watch and said ‘nice watch’ and I’ve never had a stranger comment on my Rolex watch before so I figured he was casing the joint, including my watch,” Bob said. "I'm absolutely convinced he was up to no good."

San Diego police say this would be considered a trespass, and everyone should report these incidents so the area station is aware.

Police also recommend having a door viewer installed on the front door so you can always see who is at your door prior to opening it.

They also say installing cameras around the front door will help deter thieves since they will look to see if the home is equipped with surveillance cameras when casing.


The neighbors say the man was driving a black, late model, small Chevrolet sedan. He is described as a thin man with dark hair, wearing a hat and glasses and gray sweatpants with stains on them.

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