State's Court Maintenance Wish List Uncovered

10News I-Team Learned State Court Leaders Proposed To Spend $703M This Year On Maintenance

The 10News I-Team has uncovered how the state would spend taxpayers' money if they could.

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Despite only having $30 million to spend this year on court maintenance, state court leaders have proposed spending more than 20 times that, $703 million, according to information obtained by the I-Team.

The $703 million wish list comes from the same public agency that pays $467 to hang clocks in courtrooms, $481 to fix squeaky chairs, and $119 on a single doorstop.

"You see a lot of things in Sacramento that don't make sense, but the Administrative Office of the Courts continues to set the bar high," said Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, R-San Diego.

Fletcher has grilled court leaders about how they spend taxpayers' money before. Still, he was noticeably surprised when the I-Team told him the court administrators had a $703 million wish list.

The I-Team learned the wish list includes $210,000 to pave a parking lot at Vista court even though the court doesn't own the property.

It also includes nearly $18,000 to re-carpet a single courtroom, and $54,000 to replace emergency battery pack lights. The list also includes $2,500 to paint a single judge's closet.

"It rather boggles the mind to think you'd have to pay $2,500 to paint that," Vista court Judge Tony Maino said as he showed the I-Team the office closet.

The court's spokesmen defended the wish list saying, "The $703 million that you cited is essentially a wish list submitted by the trial courts for which we do not have the money."

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