Some questioning treatment of San Diego police captain's son

Alex Guaderrama has yet to be charged with crime


The 23-year-old son of a San Diego police captain, who allegedly groped two women, punched one in the face and drunkenly smashed a car window Aug. 21 in Pacific Beach and was not arrested but turned over to his mother, has yet to be charged with a crime, it was reported Sunday.

A police spokeswoman defended the actions of officers who picked up Alex Guaderrama, took him to a hospital to get treated for cuts to a hand, then drove him to a parking lot and turned him over to his mother.

"This kind of thing happens," Lt. Andra Brown told the U-T San Diego. "It doesn't just happen in Pacific Beach and it doesn't just happen to 23-year-old sons of police captains. Many times a month we take the exact course of action."

But other police employees, who did not want their names in print, questioned the handling of the son of Capt. Manny Guaderrama.

"This is embarrassing. It shouldn't have happened," one longtime police employee told the newspaper. "It's absurd to think four people could be abused like this by a guy who's the captain's son and he gets away with it."

The Guaderramas declined to speak to a U-T reporter, Brown said.

Officers told the newspaper's The Watchdog that Guaderrama boasted to everyone within earshot that his father was a top department official. They said his blood-alcohol measured 0.17 percent.

"We've got four misdemeanors and four victims," an officer told The Watchdog. "There's no doubt that he got special treatment. They knew who he was."

Brown said the investigation was closed Sept. 5 and forwarded to the City Attorney's Office. A spokeswoman for City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said no decision about criminal charges against Guaderrama has been made.

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