Six-Legged Cow Stuffed, Sent To Museum

Two Extra Legs Protruding From Back

Believe it or not, a Minnesota farmer found something very odd in his pasture -- times six.

David Spinler owns a calf with six legs. The calf died during birth but was unusual enough to get interest from Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

Spinler said he had a taxidermist stuff the six-legged animal and said the calf is on its way to one of Ripley's museums.

The calf raised more than just a few eyebrows, it also raised some money for the owner, although, Spinler isn't saying how much he's getting paid.

So how did this happen? A veterinarian told Spinler the calf was going to have a twin when something went awry.

The stuffed calf will be shipped to Florida later this week.

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