Signatures Collected For Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

Marriage between a man and a woman. Or a marriage between two people, no matter what gender. It is a highly debated topic.

"It's not by accident that God said Adam and Eve, come together, a male and a female," pastor Jim Garlow said.

"A gay couple can't get married and get those protections. They're denied the fundamental right to marry and they're denied equal protection of the law," said Eric Isaacson, who supports same-sex marriage.

But now an initiative to keep marriage between man and woman could end up back in the hands of voters come November.

"We're right up pressing the 1 million mark in signatures right now, we'd like to have 1.2 million signatures," Isaacson said.

Just about 100,000 signatures are left to put the initiative on the ballot. The initiative would change the California Constitution.

"It would be on the ballot in November and an actual referendum statewide to vote that marriage is between one man and one woman," Garlow said.

Some of the major donors in opposition of same-sex marriage are from San Diego.

Developer Doug Manchester alone has reportedly contributed $125,000.

Mission Valley developer Terry Caster has also reportedly donated more than $160,000.

"The response has been phenomenal," said Garlow.

Meanwhile, those for same-sex marriage say it is an equality issue.

"Every citizen is entitled to equal justice under law and that you can't impose religious views. You can't impose those religious views on everybody in the state of California," Isaacson said.

It will ultimately be up to voters if this initiative appears on the ballot.

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