Shooting Range At Naval Base Coronado Re-Opens

Small Arms Shooting Range Added New Safety Measures

After two years of a self-imposed shutdown, the small arms shooting range at Naval Base Coronado has re-opened.

"We closed it ourselves because there were some safety issues we needed to address," said Capt. Yancy Lindsey, the base commanding officer.

One of those safety issues was the actual structure for the range, which has now been replaced with steel beams encased in wood.

Another new safety feature designates a "danger zone" that extends into the waters off Coronado.

"We will not continue activities at the range until that area is clear," said range safety officer Tom Augustine. A new marine radio has also been installed as well as a physical lookout at the water's edge to warn boaters.

Small arms practice is a mandatory requirement and not just for those involved in base security. There are armed sailors on every ship as part of the Navy's Force Protection Mandate following the attack on the USS Cole and after the attacks on Sept. 11.

To keep their qualifications current, sailors and security personnel had to travel to Miramar or to Camp Pendleton while the range in Coronado was closed.

"We also improved policies and procedures," said Lindsey. "We wouldn't have re-opened the range unless we thoroughly believed the range is safe to operate."

Information for boaters on the restrictions that extend into the water off Coronado can be found on the Naval Base Coronado website.