Shark Attack Sparks Woman's Unique Mission

Briana Bloom's Boyfriend Lucas Ransom Attacked By Shark In October

A shark attack victim's girlfriend is channeling her grief by learning more about sharks.

"There's not a day that goes by where I'm not emotional. I wake up every day and it's hard," said Briana Bloom.

Bloom's boyfriend, Lucas Ransom, was attacked by a great white shark off the coast of Santa Barbara in October. The shark mangled Ransom's boogie board and bit off Ransom's leg, which caused him to bleed to death.

Bloom said she vividly remembers getting the call about Ransom that changed her life.

"I just blanked out. I couldn't think straight," said Bloom, who dated Ransom for more than four years. "It's your other half. You feel empty and alone, and like you can't move on."

Months later, Bloom has physically moved on – to San Diego and the campus of Mesa College, which she said was a sharp change in course for her life plan.

Ever since she and Ransom had met through playing water polo, the two were never far from the beach, but Bloom said she had her sights set on a marketing career.

After Ransom's death and after she overcame the anger she felt toward sharks, Bloom enrolled in an oceanography course at Mesa College.

"I just need to know and understand why he's gone," said Bloom.

She said she now plans on pursuing a career to study the animal that caused her so much grief.

"I think pursing this career will help me understand why this happened and be at peace [and] be okay with life again," said Bloom. "Lucas would want me pursuing a dream and that is what gets me up in the morning."

Bloom, who had to give up plans to play water polo at another school, hopes to transfer to UC San Diego in the fall. Her long-term dream is to work for the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

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