Sex Offender Hedge Obeying Terms Of Release

Hedge Spotted On Recent Shopping Trip

The very name, Matthew Hedge, prompts concern and even outrage among people in San Diego.

The convicted child molester was released from Coalinga State Hospital in April.

The first time he was freed, he quickly violated his parole and was returned to custody.

10News wanted to find out if he's following the law this time, especially after a photographer spotted him in a crowded store.

He looks like any other shopper but this is Matthew Hedge, convicted child molester who is notorious in San Diego.

"If we had a citizen who saw him in a store for instance, we want them to call law enforcement. We want to know, is he allowed to be there, or has he violated his terms and conditions," said Phyllis Shess, Director of Sex Offender Management.

That was the question a 10News photographer had when he shot exclusive video of Hedge at a Wal-Mart store in College Grove on Thursday.

"Mathew Hedge is on community supervision, and that means he is in our community," Shess said.

Every move Hedge makes is monitored by Liberty Healthcare through a GPS tracker.

A Liberty chaperone was also with him at the store.

Hedge has been living alone in a trailer on the grounds of Donovan State Prison since he was released from a mental hospital in April.

10News stopped by the trailer Friday afternoon.

Hedge declined to talk on camera but told reporter Rachel Bianco: "People think I'm a villain. There's no use in my talking.”

He added: “Everyone loves a good monster story."

Hedge said he hopes the news media and the public will forget about him.

In 1989, Hedge was convicted of molesting four children, including two of his own nephews.

He was released in 2005 but violated his parole just three months later.

This time, he appears to be abiding by the 95 conditions of his release.

"Nothing has been brought to our attention by law enforcement, by Liberty, by the community, said Shess.

Hedge's wife is one of his approved chaperones.

He cannot drive or use public transportation. Liberty will continue to monitor him for as long as the courts feel he needs it.