Man hospitalized with mysterious injuries

Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 21:15:47-05

A man is on the hunt for answers after he woke up with mysterious injuries after a night of drinking in Mission Valley.

“I just want to know what happened to me and why I’m in all this pain right now,” said Emmanuel Garcia.

Late Wednesday night, after a night out with friends at In Cahoots in Mission Valley, an intoxicated Garcia walked outside after 1 a.m. to call for a taxi.

He says he woke up down the street on the pavement in a shopping center parking lot near Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza.

“I yelled for help. I felt horrible. Felt like I was going to die. I don't know if it was one or a dozen kicks, but it felt like something had hit my stomach really hard,” said Garcia.

A man in a Navy uniform helped him and called him a cab. The next morning, the pain was unbearable and he ended up in the emergency room at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

“I want to thank him. I was so cold and who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t found me,” said Garcia.

Still, his injuries were serious.

Two of his ribs were broken, and his liver was lacerated. Surgeons removed his gallbladder.

While it's possible Garcia fell hard onto an object,  we retraced his path and saw nothing obvious.

Because of  the severity of the injury, he believes it's more likely someone or some part of a car hit him.

Garcia plans to file a police report and hopes surveillance video will reveal what happened.