SDSU students draw on military experience to launch startup company

Trio created Jaba Software

SAN DIEGO - Three local veterans are launching a new company, and they say they owe it all to the military.

Tucked away inside San Diego State University's Gateway Center in a conference room, three business students -- Nathan Page, Ryan Williams and Demetrios Kontizas -- are planning to take the social networking world by storm.

"Even though we didn't serve personally in the military together, we know that we've all made that joint sacrifice," said Page, who served four years with the Marine Corps.

Williams served six years in the Navy and Kontizas was in the Marines for six years.

Each of the men has drawn on military experience as co-founders of the startup company Jaba Software -- a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn, but with a twist.

"So if you're looking for an individual or they're looking for something out of you, it'll actually tell you and it'll ping you on your phone and allow you to connect," explained Page, the company CEO.

By coupling personal interests and needs along with GPS, they said local job hunting, hiring and friend-finding possibilities are endless.

They are hoping it becomes a verb like Google.

"You can Jaba me, you can Jaba, Jaba, Jaba," said Kontizas, the chief technical officer of the company.

The company still needs to attract more investors, but they said there are two reasons why this mission comes so easily after their previous missions.

"The discipline, the mission-driven dedication, the trust between one another," said CFO Williams, describing what being the military taught them.

The men are also grateful for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which pays for their tuition, fees, books, supplies and housing.

When asked what do they want other veterans to know, Kontizas said, "I feel that they're cheating themselves if they don't take advantage of all the benefits that are provided for us. We will graduate with a 4-year degree with no debt whatsoever."

Find out more about the Post-9/11 GI Bill by clicking here.

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