SDSU Profs Call College Republicans List Unfair

List Identifies San Diego State University Professors That Put Political Beliefs In Lesson Plans

College Republicans at San Diego State University say students deserve to know which teachers are preaching political beliefs but some professors are calling a new list singling out teachers dangerous and unfair.

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The list is actually divided into two lists. In one list, 33 professors are deemed teachers. In the other list, 38 professors across all disciplines are labeled preachers and are accused of repeatedly inserting their political beliefs in their lesson plans.

"I think it's important for students to get an unbiased education," said lx Fangonilo, the president of College Republicans at San Diego State.

Fangonilo said the idea for the list began after he took a history class. He said the professor lectured about the evils of corporations.

The campus is on break right now, but the list has been emailed to hundreds of students and posted on Facebook and is touted as a registration guide

The guide was created from about 70 surveys asking about classroom bias. The survey was sent to students and alumni selected by the College Republicans. If a name appeared twice, it made the list.

"This is pre-McCarthyism," said Pamela Fox-Khulken, a comparative literature professor who is on the list. "I think it's a list College Republicans don't agree with."

Fox-Khulken said she does use political analogies but makes it clear that her opinions are her own and encourages discussion.

"I don't have an agenda," she said. "My agenda is to teach the subjects."

10News reporter Michael Chen asked, "Two votes and suddenly you're labeled a preacher, is that fair?"

"I think it's fair," said Fangonilo.

Fangonilo said the survey answers were well-supported and those responding included non-Republicans.

"We totally expect professors to have their own beliefs but I don't think it should be spread in the classroom," said Fongonilo.

SDSU has a formal process for bias claims but cases are rare because the claims are hard to prove.

Click here for the list.

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