SDPD Sgt. Accused Of Stalking Fellow Officer To Stand Trial

SDPD Sgt. Kenneth Davis Charged With 1 Count Of Stalking, 3 Counts Of Making Harassing Phone Calls

Trial was ordered Wednesday for a veteran San Diego police sergeant accused of stalking and harassing a female officer once she broke off their romantic relationship.

Sgt. Ken Davis, a 23-year veteran of the force and "Officer of the Year" in 2003, faces one count of stalking and three counts of making harassing phone calls to a fellow female officer in which he had an affair with. He faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

Davis has been reassigned to desk duty pending the outcome of the case, public affairs Lt. Andra Brown said.

Davis is accused of stalking SDPD Officer Robin Hayes, who took the stand early Tuesday morning, and prosecutors said she is in fear for her life.

Davis and Hayes worked at two different police stations. They began a romantic relationship in March 2008 while both of them were married to other people.

Hayes, a mother of two, told the court it was an on-again, off-again relationship in which Davis moved in and out of her home more than once. The relationship lasted for more than two years. Hayes testified she and Davis broke up several times.

"He was very serious that he was leaving everything to be with me and he wanted me to know that was significant and … if I ever left him, he would kill me," the woman said.

In March 2010, after recuperating from a motorcycle accident, Hayes said she met with Davis where he was living, and he asked her to leave.

"I told him, if I leave, it's over. Do you understand that?" Hayes testified. "He said yes."

In court, her voice faltered as she told of Davis showing up at her substation one night when they were broken up. She said she immediately tensed up, knowing this was out of his patrol area.

"I took my gun out of the holster, put it next to my right hip," said Hayes.

Deputy District Attorney Teresa Santana asked, "[Did you] stay in your car?"

"Yes," Hayes replied.

"Scared?" asked Santana.

"Yes. Because I didn't know what he was going to do," said Hayes.

According to Hayes, Davis left a bag for her in the office. She worried fleetingly that it might be a bomb, but it held personal effects he was returning.

Hayes said there were texts later that night in which she told Davis to leave her alone. She said Davis responded with: "I tried to avoid you tonight. I hate this more than you'll ever know. It kills me. I wish I was better to you. I wish you forgave me. I regret it. I take the blame. Sorry."

Hayes was back with her ex-husband once a week, and one night she was awakened by a series of phone calls.

She said Davis was crying on the first voicemail, and he said "it was the worst day of his life and he was angry that I didn't tell him I was back with Harold."

The second call was a sigh and hang-up.

In the third call, Hayes said Davis told her he was outside looking at her truck.

At that point, Hayes said she was scared and "worried ... that he was going to come to the front of the house, knock on the door and confront Harold. That there would be a shooting."

There was no confrontation, but a dozen more phone calls and text messages followed, according to Hayes.

Hayes said she soon moved to a motel for six months, living under an assumed name.

Judge John Einhorn ordered Davis stand trial on the stalking charge, and advised the attorneys, "Maybe you should settle this one."

In binding Davis over for trial, Einhorn said Davis wouldn't take "leave me alone" "quit it" or "it's over" and bombarded the alleged victim with text messages, phone calls and emails.

"She was put into a real state of fear," Einhorn said.

Five other San Diego police officers have been accused of various crimes over the past several months.

A motorcycle officer whose name has not been released by the department is under investigation for allegedly causing an off-duty Feb. 22 traffic accident on Murray Ridge Road in Serra Mesa while intoxicated and fleeing the scene of the crash. The District Attorney's Office is reviewing the allegations.

In March, an SDPD vice officer resigned amid accusations of raping a Point Loma Nazarene University student at an El Cajon home. He has not been charged in the case, which remains under investigation. Police have withheld his name as well.

On March 11, Officer Anthony Arevalos, 40, was arrested after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her following a traffic stop in the Gaslamp Quarter. Four other women subsequently came forward and made similar allegations against Arevalos, who has pleaded not guilty to 18 felony counts, including sexual battery, false imprisonment, assault under color of authority and receiving a bribe.

On March 24, SDPD Officer Roel Tungcab was arrested by sheriff's deputies in the aftermath of a fight with his wife at their Imperial Beach home. Tungcab, 39, faces misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

Last week, allegations came to light against an off-duty officer allegedly involved in an April 11 neighborhood altercation in Mira Mesa, where he lives.

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