SDPD Chief William Lansdowne Statement On Arevalos Verdict

.submitbutton {text-align:center;}.storyAd{display:none;} On behalf of the San Diego Police Department, I would like to thank the many people who worked so hard on this difficult case. The District Attorney's Office, the investigating detective, the jury and the courageous victims who came forward to face this terrible situation are all to be commended for their efforts.

I believe that justice has been served in this case and the San Diego Police Department, as well as the law enforcement community in general, can begin to heal after this terrible episode. The jury was thoughtful and considerate in reaching their verdict and I am confident in their decisions.

This case brought a black mark of discredit upon all law enforcement and because of it, we have implemented new procedures to uncover and deal with allegations of misconduct. I have been receiving updates on a daily basis on this case, but we will conduct a thorough review of the transcripts to ensure that this type of tragedy does not occur again in the San Diego Police Department.

This case is a victory for the principle that nobody is above the law. However, it is important to remember that this case is not representative of the real work done on a daily basis by the dedicated men and women of the San Diego Police Department who serve with honor, distinction and integrity.

I look forward to rebuilding the positive relationship that we have shared with the public, as well as encouraging our officers to continue to do their very best to earn the title of "America's Finest."