San Diego Sees Third Fatal Train Accident In Week

Man In Wheelchair Hit, Killed By Amtrak

A man in a wheelchair was hit and killed by a northbound Amtrak train Thursday, 10News reported.

The accident happened at about 8:15 a.m. at the Old Town Transit station in Old Town.

Witnesses told 10News that the man ignored the barriers and attempted to cross the tracks before he was hit.

"You can hear the bell in the backround now -- it was working all morning and it indeed was working when he was hit by the northbound train," said Cap. Glenn Revell, with the sheriff's department.

This was the third train accident in a week. Last Friday, an Amtrak train hit and killed a bicyclist in Old Town.

On Monday, a man was fatally struck by a San Diego Trolley. Police say the man, a transient, was walking on the Coaster tracks. The train was coming so he jumped onto the trolley tracks and was fatally hit by a trolley car.

The complaint is that the Amtrak goes too fast through the area.

And while there have been accidents in the area, from a train engineer's point of view, there's not much they can do when people go around the barriers.

Just last week, police rode with train engineers to see for themselves.

Transit rider Nora Moffett said she sees people cross when they're not supposed to far too often.

"They try -- they still try. They think they can beat the train or trolley and this kind of stuff happens," Moffett said.

10News asked Amtrak if they had any plans to slow their trains through the area. They said that in the past when they've done that, they've had more accidents because people think they have even more time to get across.

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