San Diego man witnesses Arizona friend's home invasion attack on FaceTime

A San Diego man watched in horror on FaceTime as his friend was attacked by four men in an Arizona apartment.

Carson Jeffries was talking to his friend Trevie Ellett when there was a knock on Ellett's door. Suddenly, four men with guns burst through the door of his Scottsdale apartment.

"They said, 'Put your hands up.' And I just put my hands up ...," said Ellett.

Ellett complied with the order while his phone was still in his hand.

"All I heard was them yelling, 'Get on the ground! Get on the ground!' All them yelling and screaming, I'm like, 'Oh, man,'" said Jeffries.

Watching the home invasion unfold live, Jeffries told 10News Scripps sister station ABC15 that he sprang into action and notified Scottsdale police.

Officers surrounded Ellett's apartment complex and eventually arrested the four men.

Ellett credited his phone and the quick thinking by his San Diego friend.

"Yeah, I'm the star of this movie," said Jeffries.

Ellett added, "FaceTime saved my life, for sure."

Ellett said he knew one of the four men who broke into his apartment. He said they were at his home demanding money that he did not have.

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