Gas station in East Village selling gas for less than $4

Station selling regular unleaded gas for $3.91

SAN DIEGO - Drivers sat in line on Tuesday to fill up on gas that was cheaper than $4.

The 76 Gas Station on Market Street in the East Village was selling regular unleaded for $3.91.

"I always come here because it's generally cheaper then where I live," said Pacific Beach resident Katie Lorenz.

San Diego resident Erik Byrd added, "You know if you sell it cheaper, more people are going to come."

The $3.91 seemed like a bargain compared to a Valero station in Coronado, which was selling regular unleaded for $4.79 a gallon.

Gasoline expert Charles Langley, who is with the Utility Consumers' Action Network said the 76 was probably selling gasoline it bought at a lower rate.

"There are guys out there that bought gas that they can't sell for less than $5 a gallon," said Langley.

Langley added that this summer California experienced the largest gas price hike in U.S. history. He blamed California refineries because there was little or no competition.

"What’s great about this dealer: he's a hero," said Langley. "He's actually selling gas. He's probably making a small profit."

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