Residents 'blindsided' by removal of Torrey Pine tree in Bay Ho

BAY HO, Calif. (KGTV) - A 45-year-old Torrey Pine tree was cut down on Tuesday outside a condo complex in Bay Ho, causing concern to some residents who say they were never notified.

"I'm heart broken," said Eileen Dougherty, a 29-year resident of the complex.

"They didn't tell us this was going on. Nobody knew this was going to happen," she said.

The removal comes nearly four years after residents banded together against the homeowner's association to save the trees. They successfully halted the removal and the HOA put the issue to a vote.

Dougherty said, to her knowledge, the majority of residents voted to keep the trees.

The main concern she had heard centered around the sap. The five remaining trees line the edge of the parking lot, with several spaces located below.

Resident Zia Rezaee said he parks his car underneath them and it constantly gets dirty.

"I'm against deforestation. I like trees. I like green. But when it causes problems you have to take care of it," he said.

Still, cutting the trees down isn't the only answer he said. 

The HOA could "cover the spots with a shade" structure, he suggested.

We reached out to the management company to see what motivated them to cut the trees down now but have not heard back.

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