Rep. Filner's Comments On Shooting Cause Controversy

Rep. Bob Filner Says He Was Threatened With Assassination On Election Night

Comments made by San Diego Rep. Bob Filner about the shootings in Tucson, Ariz. in the context of the recent election are causing controversy.

"I cannot help but believe the violent context of the recent election is responsible for this tragedy," said Filner in a statement released by his office.

Nick Popaditch ran against Filner, a Democrat, in November and called Filner's comments "ridiculous."

"This is just politicsÂ… It's not a time for politics," said Popaditch.

Filner also told 10News' media partner The San Diego Union-Tribune that a group of people threatened him with assassination on election night in November.

While Filner was surrounded by a group of Popaditch supporters who were waving signs and yelling, Popaditch, who was present, said he did not see or hear any threats.

"Absolutely not," said Popaditch. "Why would I tolerate that? I'm a United States Marine. I wouldn't tolerate that."

Another part of Filner's statement read, "Incendiary talk -- given legitimacy by equally incendiary talk shows -- make violence an acceptable political tactic."

LaDona Harvey, a talk show host on 600 AM KOGO, said Filner's comments were off base.

"I don't know of anyone who has advocated any kind of violence," said Harvey. "What an awful thing to say. You start to give this guy an excuse for what he did."

Later, Filner did call in to Harvey's radio show to discuss the Tucson shooter and clarify his statement.

"I think he was influenced by the incredible kind of violent rhetoric that was going around -- that all government is bad and evil," said Filner.