Red-Light Cameras Debut In Escondido

Cameras Begin Snapping Pictures Sept. 8

Red-light cameras will begin snapping pictures of motorists illegally driving through Escondido intersections beginning Sept. 8.

Construction crews are nearly finished installing the cameras at two of downtown's busiest street crossings, according to the North County Times.

Four cameras are already in place at Valley Parkway and Centre City Parkway, the newspaper reported. Another set of cameras is almost complete at Escondido Boulevard and Second Avenue.

The city also installed signs at all four thoroughfares to warn motorists that they are approaching an intersection with the cameras.

After the cameras are turned on next week, drivers will be given a 30-day grace period when red-light runners will be warned but not cited, Escondido police Lt. Dave Mankin told the Times.

The fine for running a red-light in Escondido is $341.

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