Recalled Meat May Still Be In Your Freezer

Recalled meat from a Chino slaughterhouse could still be in your freezer.

Some Jenny Craig diet food may be tainted and still out there.

It's yet another company added to the list of those that received the recalled beef.

Now, some Jenny Craig clients are angry saying they were never properly notified, and may have eaten tainted beef.

“I think it’s just sad… and disingenuous,” said Bonnie Russell.

She said she used to be a proud Jenny Craig client.

But she was shocked to discover her favorite diet meals, meatloaf with barbeque sauce, and Salisbury steak, may have been tainted.

She was reading a newspaper when she happened upon an article that said Jenny Craig received the recalled beef from a Chino slaughterhouse.

“It said the company has taken swift action to notify its customers. That is simply not true,” Russell said.

Russell said she immediately called the Jenny Craig office in Encinitas.

She said she asked “Why didn’t you notify people because you have emails, you have telephone calls… and they said, `well, they did.’ They put a little sign out.”

Russell said she feels that wasn’t enough.

“The moral question is, what didn’t you take a more aggressive stance? And I don’t know the answer to that,” added Russell.

10News contacted Jenny Craig to get an answer. They sent the following statement:

"Since it was a relatively small number to begin with, we made a conscious decision not to alarm the vast majority of our clients by calling or emailing them. Rather, we elected to post a client service announcement in an acrylic holder at the front desk of each centre."

Meanwhile, Russell is left wondering if she ate tainted beef.

And, she said, she will no longer order meatloaf.

“I’ll be switching to the mesquite chicken,” Russell said.

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