Realistic drill held as part of counter-terrorism summit

HALO Summit also showcasing technology

SAN DIEGO - A massive high-tech counter-terrorism drill was held along the San Diego coast on Tuesday.

Weapons demonstrations and undersea robotics were on display at the annual HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit for security personnel.

Paradise Point in Mission Bay was also transformed for a realistic drill in which a scenario played out where Navy SEALS were ordered into a makeshift village to rescue a downed pilot.

The conference also brings together a manufacturer with a potential buyer, which is especially true for the San Diego-based SeaBotix.

SeaBotix produces a wide range of undersea unmanned vehicles, which the Los Angeles County Fire and Rescue Department appeared to be very interested in.

"It gives them a chance to try the technology in a real-world environment and really learn how to work together between fire and police," said David Copenhaven, who is with SeaBotix.

The summit is about showcasing technology aimed at keeping first responders safe. For example, one company developed a replacement part that prevents live ammunition from ever being used in training.

The HALO Summit runs all week.

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