Real-Life 'Zohan' Calls San Diego Home

Leave it to actor/comedian Adam Sandler to come up with the most unlikely plot imaginable.

Seriously, an Israeli commando who comes to America and eventually becomes a hairstylist to the stars?

Nezi Arbib is a local hairstylist and is Sandler's real-life "Zohan."

"God bless America and San Diego at the same time," said Arbib.

Sandler and his production company approached Nezi and his brothers, also former Israeli soldiers and now hairstylists, at their salon in Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

"He wanted to learn our slang, our Israeli spoken English and funny way," said Nezi.

For two weeks, Nezi and his brothers taught Sandler how to shampoo, cut hair and entertain clients.

Sandler did take a few liberties with the character, but Nezi's clients told 10News that it's not that far off.

"He's always got a joke. He sings off-key all day long, and it just makes you feel good," one client said.

Nezi said, "I don't think anybody is going to duplicate that kind of funny character as me."

Nezi said he is OK with Sandler creating a comedy based on his life and those of his brothers. After all, Sandler does do well at the box office.

"It's cool. Adam Sandler is cool. How can we go wrong?" said Nezi.

Nezi left his salon in Los Angeles to his brothers and moved to San Diego to raise his family.

His new salon, Shampoo Too, is open in Solana Beach.

Nezi said he plans to watch "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" this week.

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