Puppy Abuse Allegations Divide Skyline Neighborhood

Dog's Jaw Broken, County Animal Control Investigating Abuse Accusations

A Skyline neighborhood is divided over allegations of puppy abuse. San Diego Animal Control officials said they are investigating the claims of abuse, but no charges have been filed.

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Animal control officials said the case is classic example of "He said, She said" and with no witnesses, the case may be difficult to assess.

But, the dog's owner has maintained there is no question in her mind who is at fault.

Jolene Fraker said her neighbor Robert Esters climbed her fence and broke her puppy's jaw with an aluminum bat.

Esters has denied all the allegations.

The two were the focus of a neighborhood brawl Thursday, each hurled obscenities and accusations at one another.

"I'm gonna sick God on you, your insane. You will pay for your lies," said Esters to Fraker.

Fraker and her boyfriend Ben Dunn have 10 pit bulls. They said they built a 6-feet- perimeter fence to keep their dogs from jumping on Ester's property. Ester said the dogs run rampant, terrorizing the neighborhood.

"My elderly mother can't even go outside and hang clothes on the line because of the dogs, my nephew is 2 and can't play outside. We shouldn't have to live in fear," said Esters.

The puppy, named Splash, has fractures on two area of his lower jaw. He was whining in obvious distress, a bloody cone attached to his collar keeps his injuries stable. Fraker says Splash needed a $4,500 operation and she can't afford it. She said she thinks her neighbor should pay the bill though she's trying to get financed for a loan.

"I can't take away the pain so it hurts me to look at him. He can't close his mouth or eat or get water. I can't let him suffer. Who would do that to a 5-month-old puppy?" said Fraker.

She said she saw her Esters running from the fence line with a bat in his hands.

"He's thrown bleach on them before and tried to poison them," said Fraker.

Dunn said it's not the first time Esters has used the bat.

"In June I saw him on a ladder swinging the bat at the dogs," said Dunn. "If he would have just knocked on our door and said our dogs are bothering me, we would have put them inside."

Ester said he believes the couple is breeding the pit bulls.

"I think they (caused the injury) did it," said Esters. "I heard her beating the dog, I know what it sounds like. Those dogs always attack each other too, so that could be (the reason for the injury)."

Ester pointed out that his fence is 10-feet-tall and dilapidated.

"I'm 60-years-old with a hip and knee replacement and they say I need a new back too," he said. "Now you tell me how I am gonna jump this fence and beat that dog 10 times like she said I did?"

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