Psychologist Analyzes John Gardner's Behaviors

10 News looked inside the mind of admitted killer John Gardner through the eyes of Doctor Micheal Mantell, a former clinical psychologist with the San Diego Police Department.

Gardner, 31, faces life in prison without parole for murdering 14-year-old Amber Dubois and 17-year-old Chelsea King.

Many who watched Friday’s court proceedings described Gardner as emotionless, but when Mantell watched the video for the first time Saturday, he found some of Gardner’s behaviors to be offensive.

“He’s reacting, showing signs of anxiety and discomfort,” said Mantell as he analyzed Gardner’s every move on the courtroom floor.

Mantell was quick to point out the behaviors he said are characteristic of an anti-social, psychopathic individual. “He is a classic serial, sexual murderer, a lust murderer who murdered for his sexual gratification,” Mantell said.

Mantell said Gardner did not view Chelsea King or Amber Dubois as human beings, but instead simply objects of his deviant sexual fantasies. “When he's looking down my guess is, he's replaying this stuff in his mind. That's how sick and twisted and void of humanity this guy is,” Mantell said.

Mantell added that all the behaviors Gardner displayed are the physiological reactions to his internal psychological state, some of which Mantell found to be repulsive. “Some of it is simply offensive. He doesn’t look at the judge in the eye. His hands start to move, almost in a fist like way.”

Mantell said he noticed the most physical reaction out of Gardner when he heard the judge read aloud his sentence of three consecutive life terms in prison. “A guy like this, could he possibly be sorry for what he's done at all? No. This is a man who can't spell the word remorse, shell of a human being.”

Mantell also analyzed Gardner's signature on his change of plea form. He said it is as if there is not a person owning the signature. He said it is a mess and completely diffuse and without form.