Principal Accused Of Threatening Student Speaks Out

Lincoln HS Principal Esther Omogbehin Cleared After SD Unified Investigation

A principal accused of threatening a student has been cleared of wrongdoing following a San Diego Unified School District probe.

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Lincoln High School Principal Esther Omogbehin said she is fighting back after a stunning allegation made at an April school board meeting.

In February, soon after Omogbehin arrived as principal, she said Lincoln High junior Glenda Aguilar confronted her on school grounds.

"The rumors were rampant, including one where I was coming to the school to fire the white teachers," said Omogbehin.

Omogbehin said at a later date Aguilar's yelling became heckling.

"At an assembly, she said, 'Everybody hates you, nobody likes you,'" said Omogbehin.

That led to a conference with Aguilar and her parents, and this accusation made by Aguilar at the April school board meeting: "Her exact words to my parents were, 'If your daughter's ever on the street and she verbally abuses me, I will physically defend myself."

Omogbehin said this is what she really said after Aguilar yelled during the parent conference: "If she were to do that on the street, she would really come into harm."

Omogbehin's version was backed up by the results of the school district's investigation.

However, Omogbehin said the damage is done.

"It's very upsetting," she told 10News.

Omogbehin blames the rumors targeting her on teachers who did not want her at the school because she holds teachers accountable and is willing to let go of underperforming teachers. She was recruited from Horace Mann Middle School due to rising test scores.

"I run a tight ship because I think the students deserve better … I work hard and have high expectations," said Omogbehin.

Omogbehin points out a teacher helped Aguilar report the accusation and a teacher drove her to the board meeting.

Omogbehin's attorney, Dan Gilleon, is considering a civil lawsuit against the teacher's union.

"She's a fixer. She gets rid of the problems. They've targeted her, and now it's their turn to be a target," said Gilleon.

Bill Freeman, head of the San Diego Education Association, told 10News, "All of her accusations are hearsay. As for a teacher helping to report the allegation, it was the teacher's legal obligation to report the claim. Student safety is our foremost concern."

10News was not able to reach Aguilar or her family for comment.

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