Poway Mom Accused Of Robbing Several Banks

A Poway mother is in jail after being accused of robbing four banks, 10News reported.

Roxanne Pennock, 37, is married, has a daughter and has at least two stepchildren, authorities told 10News. However, authorities said Pennock has also filed for bankruptcy at least once.

"It's the sign of the times," said Tom Leete, whose daughter's school was placed on lockdown last week. "The first robbery was about a block and a half away from her school."

Leete said he couldn't believe what he heard when he found out why the school was locked down.

"Because they're looking for a woman who robbed a bank, and it's bizarre -- it's the person across the street," said Leete.

The FBI is investigating Pennock, who happens to be Leete's neighbor. Leete said Pennock's daughter also attends the same elementary school as his daughter.

The FBI said Pennock robbed two banks in Temecula, and they believe she robbed a US Bank in Poway on Oct. 13, and a San Diego National Bank nearby.

"You know, it's surprising. You don't know who your neighbors are," said Leete.

Authorities said Pennock flashed a gun in one case, and in another case she told a teller she had a gun. Authorities said she uses her red minivan as a getaway vehicle.

According to the FBI, national statistics showed in 2008, 3,230 bank robbers were men and 206 were women.

"Seems like a woman very desperate to provide for her family," said Leete.

Pennock's family declined to comment, and Pennock declined 10News' request for an interview.

Pennock is currently in jail in Riverside County and is charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of robbery.