Poway City Council Approves Proposed Walmart Expansion

Proposal Wants To Expand Walmart On Poway Road By 37,000 Square Feet

The Poway City Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to approve the proposed expansion of a Walmart store.

The proposal would expand the Walmart store on Poway Road by 37,000 square feet. The plan is to build onto the back of the store. It would get rid of the existing tire and lube express and add a full-service grocery department.

Hundreds gathered to voice their opinion on the expansion.

"I think in a bad economy we need all the jobs we can get," said one resident. "Now, this is going to create more jobs."

One resident who opposed the expansion said, "The area is just too condensed for the expansion of Walmart."

The environmental impact report found that the expansion would have no major impact on noise or traffic.

Poway resident Paul Hunt said the expansion would be a major benefit for the area.

"It'll be positive for the area and these supermarkets going on strike... more better," said Hunt.

However, resident Joe St. Lucas is concerned it would only impact the surrounding area in a negative way.

"It's not constant noise… it's spikes of noise that really get to people and we think that's what trucks coming in and out at all hours of the night will do," said St. Lucas.

Although the report did not conclude that there would be a significant impact on traffic, it did note some traffic concerns. For example, the turn lane where drivers turn left from Poway Road onto Community Road would have to be lengthened.

"It's surrounded on three sides by residential neighborhoods," said St. Lucas. "The expansion is going to cause more noise and traffic."

However, others felt that the expansion would mean just the opposite.

"I think the concern of traffic and such of that is greatly exaggerated," said a resident.

After Tuesday's decision Walmart said it plans to break ground for the expansion in no less than one year.

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