Possible McStay Family Sighting Investigated

Waiter Says He Served McStays, Map Could Show Fingerprints

Investigators in Baja California are knocking on doors on Wednesday in search of the missing McStay family after new clues give family members hope that the McStays are still alive.

New information suggests the McStays may have been spotted in late February in a Mexican town about 230 miles from the parking lot where their car was found abandoned Feb. 8. a few blocks from the San Ysidro border crossing.

A waiter at a restaurant in El Rosario Baja California told a McStay family friend who was distributing missing flyers there in late April that a child who looked just like Joseph McStay, Jr. stepped in for a bite to eat in late February with a family that closely resembled the McStays.

“This brings a ray of hope because you know, it takes the worst out of the equation,” said Michael McStay, the brother of Joseph McStay.

The ray of hope is a map that the family may have left behind. Staff at Mama Espinosa’s restaurant said the family that resembled the McStays left the map after they ate.

Michael McStay said the FBI is now testing fingerprints found on the map and expects the results within a few days.

“If they can get a partial or anything then I’m gonna know they definitely had their hands on it,” said McStay.

Leslie Berestein, from The San Diego Union-Tribune, which is also a media partner with 10News, said the Baja California State Police Department is taking the tip seriously.

“Seven investigators were sent yesterday. They arrived last night and they’re going to spend the next couple of days just combing the area looking for clues, looking for more concrete evidence,” said Berestein.

Baja California state police also told Berestein that they want people to confirm sightings of the family.

“Look, it was late February. We don’t expect them to be there. It’s unlikely they’ll be there, but we’re just hoping to find people who can just tell us, yes, they were here,” said Berestein.