Moore Offers 'Hellraiser' Scholarship During Speech

Moore On 60-City 'Slacker Uprising Tour'

Filmmaker Michael Moore, a thorn in the side of the president, drew a sold-out crowd of 10,000 people to the Del Mar Fairgrounds -- after Cal State San Marcos canceled a show to distance itself.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker offered ramen noodles and clean underwear to college students who pledged to vote for their first time on Nov. 2 and offered a $5,000 "hellraiser" scholarship to whichever CSUSM student stood up against the school's administration most successfully.

"I hope this encourages students in the future to do the true American thing and stand up for what they believe in," the "Fahrenheit 9/11" director said during Tuesday's stop on his Slacker Uprising Tour. "America will not thrive if its universities become places of fear instead of places of courage."

Moore, who rose to fame with the 1989 documentary "Roger and Me," had been booked to speak at CSUSM, but Karen Haynes, president of the university, said it would be illegal to spend university funds on a partisan speaker so close to the Nov. 2 election.

Haynes' decision came after the student government offered to help cover Moore's $37,000 speaking fee.

During his speech Moore said he will donate the $20,000 raised to pay him to go toward four $5,000 scholarships or grants, depending on what the student body chooses over four years.

Students and faculty staged a rally to protest the cancellation of Moore's speech. Private groups then stepped in and provided the money to pay for his off-campus visit, which was free to students.

About 200 protesters arrived at the event, but were mostly peaceful, San Diego County sheriff's officials said.

One protester was arrested and cited for trespassing and interfering with an officer, because some passing cars were blocked, sheriff's Lt. Don Fowler said.

A few other protesters were removed from the audience when they tried to disrupt the event, Fowler said.

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