'Time' Gives Murphy Worst-Mayor Distinction

Magazine Blames Murphy For City Pension Problem

San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy is making national headlines Monday, but the news is critical of the leader, 10News reported.

Murphy is among the three worst mayors in the nation according to Time magazine.

In the issue that hits newsstands Monday, Time pins some of the blame for the city's pension problem on Murphy.

Murphy said the article is one-sided and only focuses on the negative.

"This report focuses solely on the negative, when this city and administration has had many, many positive accomplishments,"

Murphy also said he is also fairly positive about what sparked the article.

"I believe they are some people in this town that have connections to New York that would like to see the city fail," Murphy said.

Others disagree and said the mayor is shrugging off blame.

"Time magazine is merely stating the obvious -- what many of us in San Diego already know that our Mayor has not risen to the occasion," Carl DeMaio said of the watchdog group Performance Institute.

San Diegans that 10News spoke with remain mixed on how much Murphy is to blame.

"I think he's just taking the fall for it," one San Diegan said.

"I think he’s dropped the ball, myself," another San Diegan said.

"I wish Donna Frye's going to take the election," said another San Diegan.

Time also named the "five best big city mayors" in America.

They are:

  • New York's Michael Bloomberg
  • Atlanta's Shirley Franklin
  • Baltimore's Martin O'Malley
  • Chicago's Richard Daley
  • Denver's John Hickenlooper

Gavin Newsom of San Francisco gets an honorable mention.

Detroit's Kwame Kilpatrick and Philadelphia's John Street also earned Time's worst-mayor distinction.

Bloomberg and Murphy are Republicans. All the others are Democrats.

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