Police Investigate Noose Found On UCSD Campus

Find Follows 3 Racially Charged Incidents, Including The 'Compton Cookout'

Police at University of California, San Diego are searching for whoever who hung a noose on campus on Wednesday.

The thin piece of rope that looked like a noose was found hanging from a stairwell near the Mandeville Auditorium.

The find follows three racially charged incidents on campus this past spring, but it's the second time a noose has been found hanging at UCSD. In February, a noose was found hanging in the campus library, which sparked a massive protest by hundreds of students outside the UCSD chancellor's office.

The minority student who hung the noose in February eventually apologized and said she never intended it as a racist act. But to many, the shock had already made a lasting impact.

"This is pushing it way too far. Doesn't matter who did it... [this is] not a joke," said Cinthiya Martinez, a UCSD student.

Around the same time in February, racial tensions flared as a result of an off-campus party that mocked black history month, dubbed the "Compton Cookout."

Those incidents led students from Compton High School to contact UCSD and voice their disgust. UCSD responded by sending representatives to Compton High. Twenty of them are currently attending a 3-week summer program at UCSD on scholarships.

Some students feel the school is overreacting.

"I think it's kinda like, drop it already. It's played out too much, let it go," said Victor Chun, who also attends UCSD.

But UCSD officials and campus police are not taking this latest incident lightly.

"The school's just doing what they have to do, 'cause like in light of the Compton Cookout and all of that, these are actions they have to take," said UCSD student Alex Hsieh.