Police Help Local Mom Whose Gifts Were Stolen

Officers Give $300 To Replace Rebecca Lojeske's Stolen Christmas Presents

A routine police call ended with an act of kindness to a Valley Center mother on Friday.

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According to Escondido police, 30-year-old Rebecca Lojeske of Valley Center was finishing her Christmas shopping just before midnight on Friday.

Lojeske stopped at a drugstore on East Valley Parkway and went inside to pick up some photos, according to Escondido police Lt. Craig Carter.

When she returned to her car, she noticed that someone broken into her car and stolen all of her Christmas presents.

Lojeske – who is the mother of two boys and a girl – was devastated at the loss and called Escondido police to report the theft.

The responding officer broadcasted the theft and a list of the stolen items over the police radio in hopes that another officer might find whoever had stolen the gifts.

After completing the report, every officer who was working Friday night as well as the dispatcher on the call reached into their own wallets and pooled together more than $300 to replace Lojeske's stolen items.

According to 10News' media partner The San Diego Union-Tribune, on Saturday, two officers delivered four boxes of Matchbox cars, a Razor scooter, a set of Mega Bloks, a Mega Bloks toy bus, two Fisher-Price dinosaurs, a Hot Wheels racetrack, two Polly Pocket toys, two sets of pajamas, an Angry Birds T-shirt, two Legos sets and Visa and Walmart gift cards worth $50 each to Lojeske's house.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call (760) 743-8477.

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