Plane Carrying Casey Anthony Tied To Local Attorney

Todd Macaluso Was Part Of Defense Team For Woman Found Not Guilty In Child's Death

A San Diego attorney who helped Casey Anthony's defense may now be helping her stay under the radar of reporters out for an exclusive interview.

10News learned a plane seen taking off from Orlando Executive Airport an hour after Anthony's release from jail on Sunday is owned by San Diego attorney Todd Macaluso.

Macaluso had previously stated he had no idea where the young woman, found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee, would go.

"It's a closely guarded secret I'm not part of," Macaluso told 10News reporter Allison Ash. "I don't even want to know."

Macaluso has his own fleet of planes and a helicopter, 10News reported. When asked if he would fly Anthony out of Orlando, he said, "What do I look like, a charter pilot?"

Macaluso's single-engine plane was tracked from Orlando to Panama City, Fla., and then to Houston, before landing in Prescott, Ariz. On Monday, the same plane was in San Francisco and Santa Ana, according to published reports.

Some believe Macaluso's plane was a decoy, intended to trip up camera crews trying to follow Anthony's every move.

There was some speculation Macaluso could hide Anthony in his isolated Rancho Santa Fe home.

"That would be too conspicuous," said Macaluso, who added that doing so could put his family at risk.

Macaluso declined to comment further, telling Ash he was on a fishing trip. He emailed a picture of the catch as proof.

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