Pit Bull Attack Halts Mail Delivery To Paradise Hills Street

Mail Carrier Marcia Amat Attacked By 2 Pit Bulls Delivering Mail On Analiese Way In November

Residents in a Paradise Hills neighborhood have not had their mail delivered to their homes since a pair of pit bulls attacked a mail carrier more than seven months ago.

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  • Mail carrier Marcia Amat said she was attacked by two loose pit bulls while delivering the mail on Analiese Way in November.

    "I was screaming," said Amat. "I was screaming like I was getting killed."

    Amat added, "The first one jumped on me and … tried to bite my neck. I grabbed his face and pushed it down and he grabbed my hand."

    She said then a second dog attacked her from behind. Amat said she does not remember what happened next but said she was bitten on her right hand, shoulders and back.

    "I was screaming so loud that everybody in the neighborhood came out," she said.

    This single mother of two said she has not been able to work since the attack and it has been difficult for her to make ends meet.

    “I went through depression," she said. "Just going to the doctor and I can't really do anything… it's just the pain."

    After the attack, neighbors said the U.S. Postal Service notified them that they would not be getting their mail delivered.

    Neighbors said they are frustrated when they see the mail carriers drive up and down the street and yet not have their mail delivered to their homes, which are feet away.

    "It just makes it frustrating that, you know, we see everyone else get theirs," said neighbor Jesse Catahay, who lives on Analiese Way.

    Catahay said he and his neighbors now have to drive about a mile and half to the Paradise Hills post office location to pick up their mail.

    "It's very inconvenient because we work the whole day and they close by 4:30, so just trying to get in, you usually have to do it by Fridays or Saturdays and so we get like a week without mail," said Catahay.

    Amat said she is grateful to the neighbors who helped her during that afternoon and said despite the attack, she does not hate the dogs for what happened.

    "They're super sweet dogs," she said.

    Many San Diegans are also fond of the breed. According to the county's Department of Animal Services, there are 298 licensed pit bulls in the 92114 zip code, which includes the communities of Encanto and Skyline. That number is the highest of any community in San Diego.

    That is followed by zip codes 91977 and 92105 which include Spring Valley and City Heights.

    The community of Paradise Hills ranks 16th on the list with 111 licensed pit bulls.

    Amat, who owns three dogs and two cats, said she does not blame the pit bulls for what happened.

    "Hopefully people don't hate pit bulls, you know, because it's not their fault. It's the owners, the people [and] how they're raised," she said.

    Amat is scheduled to have surgery on her right hand and hopes to return to work by the end of the year. She is also suing the owners of the pit bulls that attacked her.

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