PB Resident Fights Bar's Plans To Expand

Jerry Hall Says He's Fighting PB Shore Club's Application To Expand

A Pacific Beach resident told 10News on Tuesday he has proof that too much easy alcohol is making his beach community one of the most crime-ridden areas in San Diego.

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In September, a man was stabbed in Pacific Beach. Less than a week later in the same area, a man appeared to be passed out and then a woman was arrested in an alley.

Those are a few examples caught on video by Pacific Beach resident Jerry Hall, who said that kind of activity happens routinely and is fueled by one thing.

"A lot of crime is associated with alcohol and it's either alcohol bought in stores or in restaurants or bars in the area," said Hall.

The PB Shore Club, which is known to area patrons for its young crowd and late nights, has filed an application to expand. Hall said more bar patrons will only make matters worse.

"I just want those businesses to be responsible and be cognizant of the fact that the product they're serving is hurting and killing people," said Hall.

The PB Shore Club declined to comment. Employees at Armando's – which is located about a block away – said they do not want the late-night antics that spill out onto the streets to hurt their business. The manager said their servers keep track of who has had too much to drink.

"Most of the hosts, doormen have gone through some sort of training in order to maintain a certain amount of peace and quiet," he said.

Some of the residents said the reputation could also hurt tourism.

"We have the added responsibility of being a gateway to the ocean for the rest of the region and we believe that responsibility includes making this area safe," said Hall.

Hall and other residents said cutting the alcohol supply will go a long way in accomplishing that.

An administrative law judge will hold a hearing on Wednesday morning on PB Shore Club's expansion application. Hall said he and other residents will be there to fight the expansion plan.

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