Parents, Talk Show Host Rally In Support Of Encinitas Doctor

Ricki Lake Among Hundreds Protesting Suspension Of Dr. Robert Biter

Families gathered outside Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas Friday to show their support for Dr. Robert Biter, whose obstetrician privileges were suspended last week. Supporters said the hospital is bullying the doctor because he is a natural birth advocate.

"I think it's because he didn't conform, and a lot of other doctors that I know personally have conformed and so they don't get bullied like this," said Biter supporter Sheri Mennelli.

Because of Biter's absence, many expectant parents are left not knowing what to do.

"Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful time for us. We are supposed to not feel this extra stress," said expectant parent Mark Childress.

The supporters wore green Friday because it is Biter's favorite color, and judging by the large crowd, Biter has a strong following. Any baby he has delivered is known as a "Biter baby."

Natural birth advocate and former talk show host Ricki Lake joined the fight to bring Biter back.

"This is a man that has given his life, has no outside life other than the care he provides to his patients," said Lake.

Hospital officials told 10News they could not comment on Biter's review or if he would be returning to the hospital.

"Can you confirm or deny if it had anything to do with his medical practice record?" asked 10News' Alejandra Cerball.

"I cannot confirm or deny ... we are bound by confidentiality," said Dr. Michael Lobatz of Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Parents like Mary Eady, who were hoping Biter would deliver their baby, want answers. They said they will stop at nothing to see him back in the delivery room.

"We won't deliver elsewhere without Dr. Biter. We will make the drive if we have to have him there," said Eady.