Parents Of Dead Poway Teen Calling For Answers

Parents Of Luke Lipscomb Want Poway City Council To Encourage Investigators To File Charges

Parents of a Poway teen who died while partying with friends say investigators are not doing enough to solve the case involving their son.

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Luke Lipscomb played lacrosse for Poway High School and was a normal and well-liked student. On Nov. 4, he and two friends smoked pot out of a bong. It was laced with a hallucinogen.

According to search warrants, Lipscomb started acting strangely and hitting himself in the head with a frying pan. Minutes later, he lay dying with a single gunshot in his head.

Investigators have not said who pulled the trigger or bought the drugs. That has infuriated his parents, who took their message to Poway City Hall on Wednesday.

"In all honesty, we feel that our biggest mistake in this whole nightmare of a process was being patient," said Lipscomb's mother, Lisa.

The Lipscombs want Poway City Council to encourage investigators to file charges. They are joining other parents who want stricter enforcement of drug laws.

"The Lipscomb case really was the straw that broke the camel's back," said Poway activist Steve Vaus. "Not only for me, but for others. It put it right there in our faces where we couldn't deny it anymore, and so it was time to mobilize."

Poway parents have now formed an anti-drug task force, but it was too late to save Lipscomb.

"What's so different about our son that he doesn't deserve proper investigation and enforcement of the laws?" said Lisa Lipscomb. "Our kids deserve better. We can't keep sweeping this under the rug."

Poway City Council is deferring information about the incident to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, which says its investigation should be ready to go to the district attorney for possible prosecution in a couple of weeks.

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