Owners Of San Diego Business Indicted For Tax Evasion

Company Sold Magazines/Services Door-To-Door

A federal grand jury has indicted three people who ran a San Diego-based business which had high school and college-age workers sell magazines and services door-to-door.

Lonnie Divine, his wife, Yvonne Ruel, and his daughter Deanna Devine are accused of conspiracy and tax evasion for allegedly failing to pay taxes on more than $11 million they earned over a five-year period.

U.S. Attorney Carol Lam says Divine Enterprise operated under several different names, including AIDS Prevention Institute; Babies Addicted to Drugs Foundation; Youth of America Program; Heartline Foundation; and Divine World-Wide Ministries.

Prosecutors say workers across the United States went door-to-door to sell magazine subscriptions, long-distance telephone service, and travel services.

The defendants allegedly hid profits in an offshore bank account and used proceeds to pay Lonnie Divine's accounts at casinos in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas.

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