Owner Of Dog That Bit Toddler Comes Forward

Rachel Todd, 2, Bitten By Dog At Presidio Park On Saturday

The owner of a dog that bit a toddler in the face at Presidio Park came forward Tuesday after watching 10News' story.

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Laura Todd told 10News her two-year-old, Rachel, is taking medication for a dog bite during a trip to Presidio Park last Saturday.

"The plastic surgeon said, 'You should have sent her picture to the Gerber people. She's got such a cute face.' He said, 'It's like the loss of a cute kid,'" said Todd.

Todd said her daughter was petting a dog and when she stopped, the dog snapped.

The owners tried to check on the girl, but Todd was too focused on getting her daughter to the doctor.

"I thought, 'Oh God, she's bleeding … hospital, now,'" said Todd.

Todd said her daughter's blood count was already low because of a condition called idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, which is part of why her bruising is so extreme.

"I didn't get the owner's information which would have been very helpful," said Todd.

On Tuesday, the dog's owner, who did not wish to be identified, contacted 10News after seeing the story. She said she felt awful about what happened and told 10News she never had problems with the dog before and it has always been very friendly.

The owner said she tried to talk to the family moments after the incident, but they left too quickly.

10News contacted Todd, who happened to be at a doctor's office where Rachel was about to get a rabies shot. Todd expressed relief upon learning the dog had all of its shots.

"It was just in time," Todd said. "They walked in with shot in hand, and they walked back out with the shot. She didn't have to get a shot today, and we are so relieved."

The dog's owner told 10News she was able to speak to Todd about what happened.

Doctors say Rachel is healing well from the bite.

County officials told 10News they will have to quarantine the dog for 10 days. That might be in the owner's home or a location of the county's choice.

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