Orphaned baby walrus lands in NYC

'Mitik' rescued off Alaska coast

NEW YORK - An orphaned baby walrus has found a new home at Brooklyn's New York Aquarium.

Mitik -- Mit for short -- was plucked off a remote Alaskan coastline with his buddy Pakak in July, The New York Times reported.

Then just nine weeks old, Mitik was badly dehydrated and needed intensive care when he got back to land. Six weeks later, he's now thriving, described by Yahoo! News as "a 234-pound bundle of joy with a terrific appetite and many chins."

He's also pretty darn cute.

The New York Aquarium welcomed Mitik to its facility Thursday after a journey from Alaska in a jumbo-sized crate aboard a FedEx jet, The Associated Press reported.

Now in quarantine for a month, the baby walrus is being hand-raised and bottle-fed and could make his public debut next spring.

"We say he is small, but scrappy -- the perfect New Yorker," Martha Hiatt, the aquarium's behavioral husbandry supervisor, told The New York Times."

Mitik's buddy Pakak arrived at his new home -- the Indianapolis Zoo -- on the same day.

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