Olympic Training Center A Hotspot For BMXers

About 300 Athletes Training At OTC For London 2012 Summer Olympics

The city of Chula Vista is now the heart of one of the hottest Olympic extreme sports.

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A BMX supercross track that could land several athletes medals in the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympics is now located at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center. It is a replica of the supercross track that will be used in London by BMX riders this summer.

The new track, coupled with the replica from the Beijing Olympics in 2008, has made the training center the hot spot for BMX riders.

"Oh, this is the BMX Mecca," said Connor Fields, who is ranked number one in the world.

The 19-year-old is one of 300 Olympic hopefuls training at the Olympic Training Center in a number of sports ranging from BMX to track and field, archery to tennis and rowing to field hockey.

"We're kind of like a city college commuter campus," said OTC director Tracy Lamb.

It is this mix of athletes that makes Chula Vista unique.

"In our dining hall, the rowers are talking to the BMXers that are talking to the track and field athletes," said Lamb.

Fields added, "You get to meet people from different sports. You get to learn about sports you knew nothing about."

The athletes have embraced Chula Vista as well.

"We really try to bring our athletes to the community and our community to our athletes. That’s really important to us," said Lamb.

Fields said, "I like this whole little area the Center's in. The Otay Lakes area… it's really, really nice." He said frequents the nearby movie theater and bowling alley.

The Olympic Training Center also tries to keep the community engaged with the athletes. It is open regularly to the public and also hosts a number of public events including the upcoming BMX Olympic Qualifiers.

For more information on how you can visit the Olympic Training Center, click here.

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