Oldest Living Medal Of Honor Winner Turns 99

John Finn, who now is not only the first recipient in World War II to be awarded the medal, but at age 99, he is the oldest recipient of the military's highest award.

"There's only a 104 of us left to be in the presence of this guy … he's a legend," said Medal of Honor recipient Jay Vargas.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they first came over Kaneoe Bay. Finn found whatever weapon he could find to fight back despite being wounded 21 times.

"He still has residual wounds for that action. He is remarkable," said Vargas.

The fact is all the recipients are considered remarkable. San Diegans Bob Modrzejewski, John McGinty, John Baca, Vargas and the late James Stockdale are all Medal of Honor recipients.

Stockdale's widow, Sybil, was among those who came to honor Finn, who clearly remembered his first day in San Diego.

"29th of July, 1926, I pulled into San Diego for boot training," said Finn.

It was just three years earlier that the Naval Training Center opened for recruit training.

In 2006, Finn was honored at the former training site with a plaque as a plaza was dedicated to him and his late wife, Alice.

Medal of Honor recipient Jack Jacobs said, "God bless you, John Finn, for doing what you did. You inspired all of us."

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