Officers Who Arrested John Gardner Speak Out

Officers Steve Jurman and Russ Moore Spoke To 10News On Monday About Gardner's Rage

Officers who arrested John Gardner spoke out for the first time on Monday and said they had an early taste of Gardner’s rage.

Agents with the Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force were talking to Gardner’s mother and his girlfriend at his mother’s Rancho Bernardo home when Gardner happened to call his girlfriend to pick him up.

Minutes later, when officers surrounded Gardner outside the Hernandez Hideaway restaurant, they said he made an angry face similar to the one he made in court on last Friday.

“He was given the orders: show me your hands get down on the ground. [Gardner] did not. He gave them an initial look of rage, clenched fist like I'm going to fight,” said Steve Jurman, an officer of the Fugitive Task Force.

But Gardner quickly realized he was outnumbered, with 20 more officers converging on him. In spite of that, Gardner did not budge.

“They took him down relatively hard, put him in handcuffs,” said Jurman.

Agents with the Fugitive Task Force said Gardner never said a word from the moment they cuffed him until they dropped him off at the jail.

Before, they were checking every known address Gardner had from Chula Vista all the way to Lake Elsinore.

“We had 30 people out on the street checking probably 15 different houses,” said Officer Russ Moore, another member of the Fugitive Task Force. ”We eliminated several in first hour.”

Inside Gardner’s mother’s house, Moore said, “all hell broke loose inside the house.”

Agents said Gardner’s mother saw his picture on the news linking him to Chelsea King’s disappearance.

“She was hysterical like a mother would be, seeing your son is on TV being accused of murder, hysterical, screaming demanding to know what’s going on,” said Moore.

Agents said Gardner’s girlfriend, Jariah Baker, did not show any emotion and was described as quiet and subdued.