Nudist Purchases East County Town

Dave Landman Now Owns 29 Properties In Jacumba

An East County nudist is now the proud owner of his own San Diego County town.

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Businessman and resort owner Dave Landman closed last week on 29 properties in Jacumba, including the Jacumba Hot Springs Resort, the Jacumba Lake and several businesses.

The town, which used to be a hot spot for Hollywood stars, fell on hard times after Interstate 8 was put down and cars stopped passing through.

"We care about the town. We care about the people. But yes, it is an investment as well," said Landman, who said he will spend at least "seven figures" on the town.

He said he was approached by the Jacumba Revitalization Committee about purchasing everything in town.

Some locals who have watched the town deteriorate in recent years told 10News they are excited about the move.

"If he follows through with what he's saying, I certainly have no objections," said Norman Blackwood, who was born in Jacumba in a boxcar nearby in 1930.

Landman said his first task is to open the historic Jacumba Hot Springs Resort as early as this May.

"Once that's done, we're going to go piece by piece and kind of update and give a facelift to all the other buildings in town," he said.

The Jacumba purchase is not Landman's first business venture. In fact, he owns a very unique property right down the street -- the DeAnza Springs Resort, a clothing optional community less than a mile away.

The DeAnza Springs Resort is the tenth-largest nudist resort in the United States.

"It's very comfortable and you don't have to pack much," said one resort visitor.

"Everybody out there wants this to become the first naked town in the United States and it's not going to happen," Landman said to ease concerns.

Landman said his intentions are to bring people back to Jacumba.

"It needs somebody to give it a little tender loving care," he said.

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