Newly Released Hedge Registers As Sex Offender

Convicted sex offender Matthew Hedge took his first trip as a free man Monday morning, 10News reported.

People who live in Otay Mesa might not be familiar with the address 480 Alta Road, the trailer that Hedge now lives in.

While he has been released, Hedge is hardly a free man.

On Monday morning, he registered as a sex offender at the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

"He has a case manager that approves his schedule. He has to submit a schedule pretty much accounting for his activities 24 hours a day. He can't do anything without their approval," said Sgt. Jim Walker of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Hedge also wears a GPS tracker that monitors his every move.

He is no stranger to the trailer on the grounds of Donovan State Prison. In 1989, he was convicted of molesting two boys and two girls, and was released to the same trailer in 2005.

Two months later, he violated the terms of his release and was sent to Coalinga State Mental Hospital.

"It won't be any different than last time; he's under the same restrictions. Like I said he's very intensively managed," said Walker.

For people who live only a few miles away, that is not enough.

"Can't he get away? I mean, can't he just roam the streets and do whatever?" asked one resident.

Nearby Business' Concerns

Mandy Meng and some colleagues enjoyed lunch at the Alta Café in Otay Mesa.

The topic of conversation: Hedge's move.

"It's kind of strange that this trailer is just sort of right there basically in a fish bowl," said Meng.

There are signs placed every 12 yards along barbed-wire fence that warn Otay Mesa residents near Donovan prison to keep out. Just 400 yards in is Hedge's trailer.

Right across the street from the trailer is the Alta Café, and that is making mother of two Elizabeth Bue think twice about eating at the café.

"How do I know he doesn't come and eat here or if he's just sitting in the parking lot? I don't know what his true intentions are, if he's already been removed and then brought back now. It's just really uncomfortable now," said Bue.

Bue told 10News the trailer was not the place to keep a violent predator.

"I feel that they should be kept somewhere out on a deserted island, away from society … or in a mental hospital because they are sick people," said Bue.

10News spoke to a Donovan State Prison sergeant, and he said Hedge is expecting a visit from his wife on Monday evening.

She is not allowed to move in just yet, but she is the only visitor he is allowed to have on the compound, the sergeant said.