New Hillcrest Sign Unveiled After CityFest

Event Culminates With Relighting of Iconic Hillcrest Sign On 5th & University

The 27th annual CityFest will culminate in Hillcrest Sunday, with the relighting of the neighborhood's iconic Hillcrest sign at sundown.

The event, which attracts more than 100,000 people, includes live music, arts and crafts and food along Fifth Avenue between University Avenue and Brookes Street.

The highlight will be the relighting of the 71-year-old Hillcrest sign when the sun goes down. A $40,000 refurbishing project included the installation of energy-conserving LED bulbs.

It has had pink neon lights for the past 27 years.

Off-site parking will be available at the San Diego Unified School District headquarters at 4100 Normal St., with free shuttle service to the fair.

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