New Clues Uncovered In Disappearance Of McStay Family

McStay Family Missing Nearly Two Months

It's been nearly two months and a Fallbrook family's disappearance remains a mystery but new clues are emerging that suggest the McStays might have gone willingly.

Sheriff's deputies told 10News they just got the forensic results back from the McStay family computer and what they found leads them to believe their disappearance was very well planned.

"They were making inquiries concerning travel in Mexico and passports which would indicate there was some type of planning ahead that we weren't aware of before today," San Diego Sheriff's Lt. Dennis Brugos said Monday.

Brugos says the McStays made that computer search on Jan. 28, one week before the family was last seen. The new information falls in line with the theory investigators had when they found video taken at the border of two adults and two small children crossing into Mexico. The video was shot on Feb. 8, the same day Joseph and Summer McStay's SUV was found abandoned just a few blocks from the border.

"We had been somewhat focused on the fact there's a high probablity they had entered Mexico on their own volition and this somewhat reinforces that," Brugos said.

With an entire team of sheriff's deputies, Mexican liasons, and the Center For Missing And Exploited Children devoted just to this case, the question now is: how many resources should they continue to lend?

Brugos said, "Law enforcement has put in a great deal of time and effort trying to locate them and if they could simply contact someone and let us know they're all right that would be a huge relief to a lot of people."